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I have had a camera in my hand off and on for the past 40 years or so. I started in high school when my dad gave me his old Argus C3. It wasn't much to look at, but it was a great camera to learn with. The camera was a bare bones picture taking machine, as long as you knew about f stops, film speed, depth of field. That was the easy part. The composition of the image is what has taken time. You may learn the technical aspects of composition, but through lots of practice, thousands of shots, you figure out what works for you.

Being a photographer, you start to see things that you might otherwise miss, or you may look at something with a different perspective. Some of my favorite subjects are lighthouses, landscapes and old buildings. Churches have also become a favorite target. Right now, I am working on a collection of churches, which I hope to turn into a picture book eventually.

All photographs on this website are copyrighted by Robert E. (Bob) Fromm Jr., unless otherwise noted. Unless prior written permission is given, these images may NOT be used for any purpose. Contact me at 217-652-0280 or by email at for more information on this subject.

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